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Phone Holder For Phone in Car


Metal Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand

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TESLA Model Counterweight ring Autopilot


TESLA Model Counterweight ring Autopilot


(20 customer reviews)

TESLA Model 3 Y S X Counterweight ring Autopilot FSD Automatic assisted driving AP Steering wheel booster

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Model S X, Model 3 Y

20 reviews for TESLA Model Counterweight ring Autopilot

  1. Liberatore Accordino

    Very easy to use

  2. Diedra Spath

    perfectly worked

  3. Cassey Odle

    Convenient and practical

  4. Marchelle Dowden

    The size is very docile, the curvature does not affect the holding of the steering wheel

  5. Micael Montes

    Gadgets, big effects

  6. Marlen Akhmetov

    The overall feeling is more refined than the products I saw before, not bad

  7. Durante Sciara

    Not bad, perfect fit, I have bought three weight rings, and this can be used. No need to attach the phone.

  8. Klemens Totleben

    Its too easy all the way, good

  9. Adella Tarry

    Its not hard to drive with him

  10. Oscar Álvarez

    The workmanship of the product is good, the actual function is also very practical

  11. Aasiyah Haney

    The core is for this styling, use it by accident.

  12. Branda Goshorn

    Finally, you can separate your hands, and they feel great to the touch

  13. Patty Balser

    The size is really perfect, the use is good, and the workmanship is not bad!

  14. Maximilien Chopin

    The mold is just right and the weight just fits my Tesla

  15. Ellie Julius

    Good things, tightly sewed!

  16. Wendelin Jonas

    Perfect fit, use it to run a long distance of 1000 kilometers, no ambiguity, very good

  17. Tandy Hoyte

    Very easy to use, very good with Model 3

  18. Mammie Aguiniga

    Really a good partner of AP Its so convenient to go out

  19. Miriam Perry

    No hindrance, change lanes and respond quickly when opening noa.

  20. Lisabeth Brennen

    Yes, the position of the buckle is quite good, usually without driving automatically, it will not affect the steering wheel

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